blueberry + vanilla + almond

Organic blueberries are infused into our tart kombucha, then softened with vanilla and almond, giving it a comforting perceived sweetness on the finish, reminiscent of Mom’s blueberry pie. Great for enhancing a berry smoothie, in a Kombucha Ice Cream float, or mixed with your favorite spirit.


ginger + lemon grass + kaffir lime

Inspired by our favorite southeast Asian aromatics, Thai Ginger combines fresh ginger root, kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass. The spicy burn of the ginger is brightened with fresh squeezed lime juice, making every sip an exotic adventure. Enjoy it straight up, or use it as a healthy alternative to high sugar ginger beers in your favorite cocktails.


hibiscus + rose blossom + lime

A tart organic hibiscus and rose petal infusion perfume this effervescent and aromatic brew. Brightened with fresh lime and ginger, our lightest and most refined kombucha is great on its own or mixed with a sparkling wine as a modern probiotic aperitif.


mango + lime + turmeric + ginger + cayenne

Inspired by the ancient ayurvedic medicinal uses of spices, our Mango Masala is a balanced but complex combination of ripe organic mango and lime with a superfood spicing of fresh turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper. Makes a great mid-day “pick me up” or try it as an exotic, healthy, low sugar cocktail mixer in a Mango Masala Mule.


guava + pineapple + mango + hibiscus

The flavors of the tropics blend into a mouth-watering journey for your tongue. Organic guava, mango and pineapple with a touch of hibiscus and ginger doing a probiotic hula dance all the way down to a healthier gut. Enjoy straight from the can or mixed with your favorite spirit!